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Working at Brouwer Tours

Brouwer Tours is part of the Brouwer Company. Specialized for over 90 years in reliable and high-quality passenger transport. We are a true family business, working together with commitment and pride in what we do. Therefore it’s important to us that you’re not looking for just any coach company, but make a conscious choice for Brouwer Company.

Are you a great coach driver?

Most people will find it difficult to say such a thing about themselves, but we set the bar high. We’re not just looking for skilled drivers, they have to be friendly as well. People who understand that being able to drive a bus perfectly is the basis for a job as coach driver. Of course, there’s much more to it. You must possess a strong customer focus, expertise, be a team player, have a flexible attitude, a service oriented approach and a presentable (clean and tidy) appearance, for instance. Does all of that apply to you? And do you want to work at Brouwer Tours? Then don’t waste any time and check out the Brouwer Company's jobs page to see if there’s a suitable challenge for you on offer.

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