SKTB quality mark for coach companies

Coach company Brouwer Tours holds the Dutch SKTB quality mark for coach companies. The SKTB quality mark consists of ISO 9001, supplemented with a Safety Document that stipulates an industry-specific implementation of (and addition to the ISO 9001) standards. The quality requirements are focused on high-quality business operations and services. Holders of the quality mark give their bus passengers additional warranties in the areas of:

  • Safety
  • Comfort of the coaches (according to agreed standards)
  • Drivers’ skills and services
  • Strict compliance with driving time and rest period legislation
  • Compliance with the industry’s social regulations

Safety, comfort and service

Thanks to the constant quality assurance, Brouwer Tours can call itself a “specialist in transport by coach” as a recognized SKTB quality mark holder. It’s a title that we wear with pride, because safety, comfort and service are our priority. The quality mark is clearly displayed on our coaches. The quality mark stickers are located next to the entrance door, on the driver's side and on the back of the bus. We have also been awarded a company shield by the SKTB foundation, as well as an annual certificate. At all companies that hold this quality mark, internal checks are carried out continuously on the basis of the quality manual. In addition, an independent audit institution regularly performs external checks. In other words, we must continuously meet the requirements of the quality mark.

This helps ensuring that our bus passengers are guaranteed the best service in the field of business, tourist and leisure transport. And that's of course our ultimate goal.



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