Taxi bus hire

Are you looking for a taxi bus or taxi van for up to 8 people? Brouwer Tours specializes in transporting groups of people by coach or minibus, carrying 9 people or more. Obviously you can rent a comfortable taxi bus via Taxi Brouwer, though, which just like Brouwer Tours is part of Brouwer Company.

Reserve online, via the app of by telephone

If you’re looking to a hire a taxi bus, then please contact us. Based on the date, location of departure, number of passengers and destination, we can immediately reserve a taxi bus for you or first give you a quote. Whether you need transport to Schiphol airport, want to return home safely after a night out or are looking for transportation to and from an event or party; Brouwer brings you everywhere. Safely, quickly and comfortably. Using skilled and friendly drivers.

Special wishes

Would you like to arrange a taxi bus for wheelchair transport? Are you looking for a VIP taxi bus? Or do you want to arrange transportation for a smaller group of people for a special gathering (such as a family reunion, a wedding, a family weekend or a funeral that you want to attend with several people)? Please contact us, we’d be happy to exchange ideas with you about the various possibilities.

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