Funeral transport

When bidding farewell to a loved one, most people choose to transport the family of the deceased with one or more luxury cars, either or not arranged via a funeral company. These well-known distinguished black or grey cars with discrete drivers can be booked at Brouwer Company through its subsidiary Taxi Brouwer. However, if you expect a greater number of people and/or feel more comfortable when everyone is travelling together, we offer you the possibility of choosing a funeral bus.

Funeral transport by minibus or coach

We understand that when it comes to the final farewell it is very important that everything is arranged perfectly, including the funeral transport. When you request funeral transportation, we’ll therefore be sure to thoroughly address all of your wishes and questions. Topics discussed can range from the number of people to possible stops along the way, and from the route to be driven (sometimes people want a “farewell tour” that takes them past important and meaningful spots along the route) to the facilities in the coach. Our skilled drivers, dressed in a black business suit, do their work in the background and keep an appropriate distance to the family of the deceased. They do everything they can to carry out the funeral transport completely according to your wishes. Brouwer Tours has stylish black minibuses for 8 – 19 people, as well as coaches that can seat 20 – 90 people.

Funeral transport based on your wishes

Every farewell is different. This obviously also means that the funeral transport does not follow a set script. Your wishes take centre stage, also when it comes to funeral transport. We like to hear what wishes and questions you have, and are happy to provide you with more information and/or a quote. We work for various funeral companies and don’t have exclusive contracts/agreements with a specific company. Therefore we can provide funeral transport by coach or minibus for all funeral companies in the Dune and Bulb Region and the Leiden and The Hague areas. And of course you can also book us directly, without the intervention of a funeral company.

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