Corporate Social Responsibility

Brouwer Tours is continuously engaged in CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Responsible Business. Brouwer Tours feels strongly involved in the well-being of people, society and the environment. Sustainable entrepreneurship and, in particular, the reduction of emissions (meeting the emission standards) are high on our agenda. 

Environmental requirements and ‘Ad Blue’

All buses and coaches that we employ meet strict environmental requirements. When investing in new vehicles we take into account the latest innovative developments such as blue efficiency, green gas, electric and hybrid vehicles. Our new buses and coaches are equipped with 'Ad Blue' engines. Ad Blue is a solution of 32.5% urea in demineralised water with which diesel is mixed. Thanks to this mixture, all coaches and buses of Brouwer Tours drive much cleaner than without 'Ad Blue'. We also pay attention to energy efficiency when purchasing new tires and opt for 'silent tires' (noise reduction), which fully comply with European standards and requirements. 

New Driving

All our coach drivers follow intensive training courses, both on appointment and on a structural basis. In the meantime they have all followed the course 'New driving with Touring cars'. As a result, they save about 10 to 15% on fuel consumption. 

Brouwer Tours chooses CSR². A combination of the usual definition and our own extra explantion; Comfortably Safe on the Road