Overview coach fleet

Group transport for 9 people or more

 Brouwer Tours is a leading specialist in the transportation of groups of people. For more than 90 years now, we have always been all about safe and comfortable road transport. From compact buses (for 9 people or more) to the largest double-decker bus (for 90 people). From a luxury standard model to an exclusive VIP bus or VIP coach. Consisting of more than 130 vehicles for group transport, our extensive modern fleet includes coaches, buses, minibuses, midibuses, VIP coaches and VIP minibuses. Moreover, the SKTB quality mark for coach companies proves that we meet very strict quality standards, also with regard to the quality of our fleet.

Please contact us to find out what the best solution is for your transport needs. Of course you can also check out the various options first. Welcome, we proudly present to you our fleet!