Multi-day trip

Are you looking for transportation by coach for a multi-day trip in Europe? At Brouwer Tours, you’re at the right address for that too.

Multi-day trip by coach

We have been offering multi-day bus trips through Europe for over 30 years now. They range from shuttle bus trips (i.e. no transport during your stay on location) to your summer or winter destination to all-inclusive group tours where you’re travelling by coach every day. Whatever your wishes may be, we arrange the transportation for your holiday.

City trips, snow, sightseeing or siesta

Brouwer Tours can arrange transport to any destination. Whether it concerns a city trip, a ski trip, transportation to a sunny destination or a tour. We offer group transport by shuttle service, where our friendly and skilled drivers bring you right to the doorstep of your accommodation, be it a hotel, apartment or holiday home. An all-inclusive multi-day bus trip is also a possibility, though.

Brouwer Tours; also for your multi-day trips

You are interested in taking a multi-day trip, we offer you the opportunity to travel safely and comfortably at an affordable price. Brouwer Tours is a proud holder of the SKTB quality mark for coach companies. This quality mark guarantees skilled and service-oriented drivers, strict compliance with driving time and rest period legislation and adherence to the sector’s social regulations. In addition, the affiliated coach companies are very well insured. It will give you a feeling of security when you embark on a multi-day trip with us.

The offering of Brouwer Travel, the Brouwer Company subsidiary that organizes multi-day trips, includes city trips, tours and excursions to a great number of Dutch and European destinations. Are you interested in travelling with us? Then you can book your trip directly online.

Brouwer Tours is at home on the road in all of Europe

Quality, safety, organization and personal service are central elements to all of our bus trips. We want you to be able to enjoy yourself without worries while we safely drive you to your destination. Our customer-friendly drivers have many years of experience in most parts of Europe. We have the best expertise for the following countries: Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal and, of course, the Netherlands.

A tailor-made multi-day trip

You can't find what you’re looking for within the offering of Brouwer Travel? Do you have other plans or another destination in mind for your group of travellers? Please discuss your plans with us; based on your wishes we’ll be able to come up with a suitable offer.

Also please feel free to make an appointment. Of course you are more than welcome to stop by in Noordwijk to discuss your plans with us in person. We’ll make sure that the coffee is ready; you can focus on packing your bags.

Are you curious how Brouwer Tours could help you?

Request a price indication or call to 071-36 500 90 for further information. Our service-oriented employees like to think along about the optimal solution and offer for you.