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Coach hire Dune and Bulb Region

In the Dune and Bulb Region in particular, Brouwer Tours Noordwijk is a household name when it comes to renting a coach. Professional group transport by road; that’s our specialty. No matter where you want to go to or how big your group of travellers is, we’ll take care of it for you. Our extensive fleet of coaches, minibuses, midibuses, a double-decker bus and wheelchair coach is available to you.

Area of operation Brouwer Tours

Basically, our area of operation is unlimited. Our professional drivers drive everywhere in the Netherlands and even throughout all of Europe. Where would you like us to take you?

Easy and fast: +31 (0)71 36 500 90

Hiring a coach is easy and fast. Please call +31 (0)71 36 500 90, our customer-friendly staff are at the ready to help you. Obviously you can also request a quote for coach hire online.